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Informational Guide for the Baptismal Sacrament

Requirements Prior to Baptism
Active Church Membership of the parents ($250).

Requirements of the Godparent
Must be Orthodox Christian. If married, the Godparent must be married in the Orthodox Church. If divorced, the Godparent must have a Decree of Ecclesial Divorce.
   - Active Church membership and regular attendance of Church services
   - It is customary for the Godparent to bring their Godchild to Holy Communion for three consecutive Sundays after the Baptism

Scheduling the Baptism

   - Parents need to schedule an appointment with Father Peter to choose the date for the sacrament. Parents can either call 403.249.8876 or email him at

   - Once a date has been selected by the parents and Father Peter, please contact the office for completion of scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions
   - What is the length of the Baptism Service?

      35 minutes

   - What are the fees?

      Members $300

      Non-members $700

   - Are there any restricted dates?

      December 25 - January 6

      Holy Week

      Any Feastdays of Our Lord

Baptismal Checklist
    - Cross & chain
    - White outfit for after the Service and “one-zee”
-  Small bottle of olive oil
    - A bar of ivory soap
    - 1 white hand towel
    - 1 large white bath towel
1 large candle
- Optional: smaller candles for children to participate in procession and Martyrika (witness pins)

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