Welcome 2019/20 Students! 

The Hellenic Community School of Calgary was first established in 1963 to teach, preserve and promote the Greek language to children of Greek descent. Maintaining our language and culture is just as important to our community today as it was back then. Making sure our future generations know about the immense accomplishments and contributions that their ancestors made to the world at large is fundamental to creating pride in our Hellenic heritage. Building a connection to our language, our customs and our community is what makes our Hellenic community grow. A key component of helping to build that connection is our Greek Community School. 

The school offers classes for children from Preschool to Level 6, and Greek Language & Culture 15, 25, & 35 for students who want to advance their Greek and obtain credits towards their Diploma.

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Welcome to the community Greek School of Calgary!

Being part of the Hellenism in Diaspora, I find challenging fostering the Greek Heritage to youth.  What does Heritage and Hellenism truly means? Why keeping the Greek language alive is of a great importance?

An attempt to see the meaning behind the words would be to define Hellenism as the admiration for and adoption of ancient Greek culture, ideas and civilization and the national character or culture of Greece. The only way to achieve it, is through educational institutions where you feel the connection with your Heritage.

It is often said that Greek is a language spoken by 10,000,000 people. This characteristic it what makes our language charming and contributes to its survival through the centuries.

We are so Honored and Grateful for working with all these devoted families for so many years and we trust that your support will be continuous.

Kind Regards,

Vasiliki Koutroumpi 

Greek School

Fee Information

Preschool - Level 6
1-2 students - $695.00
Additional students - $495.00

Accreditation Levels 15, 25, 35 
$895.00 per student

Non-Member  $1250.00

*fees based on active membership status
**Payments available**


Registration Form & Package
*Open Registration package with Adobe Acrobat

Copy of Birth Certificate (new students only)

Information for Parents

2019/2020 Student Calendar 
Wednesday 5:30 - 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00 pm

2019/2020 PreSchool Student Calendar

Saturday 9:00 - 12:00 pm

Pre-School, Kindergarten, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5/6Greek 15,  
Greek 25, Greek 35.

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Jan 1 Happy New Years  Welcome 2020
Jan 8 - Wednesday Classes Resume
Jan 11 - Saturday Classes Resume
Feb 5 - Wed - Progress Reports go home
Feb 8 - Sat - Progress Reports go home
Feb 15 - Family Day Weekend No School
Feb 19 - Parent/Teacher Interviews - Wed
Feb 22 - Parent/Teacher Interviews - Sat
Mar 22 - Independence Day 1821 Celebration
Mar 23 to 28 Spring Break - No School
Apr 12 to 18 Holy Week - No School
Apr 19 - Easter Sunday
May 10 - Mothers Day
May 16 - Victoria Day weekend - No School
Jun 13 - Year End Celebration                   


Any questions or inquiries can be directed to:

403-246-4553 ext 4


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